A Promise to My Readers

While I am in the beginning stages of my travel writing, I endeavor to make and uphold these promises to you, my reader. I respect your need for honesty when you’re finding your next adventure in travel. No matter how long I keep this site running or how successful I may become, this will always be at the forefront of my mind. I am making you these promises because, at some point, I am going to monetize this site while still keeping true to my values.

Not just another travel blog pretending to care


I promise to make you a priority.

This should really go without saying, but a lot of bloggers don’t keep their readers in mind when they write. Although, as I write out this post, I am legitimately in the “Pre-launch” phase of my website. So when I find out that I do have active readers, understand that you are appreciated and will not be taken for granted by me. Without you, this website of mine is just a public diary.

I promise to not ignore mobility-limited travelers.

While my experiences are my own without any physical limitations, I think the physically disabled members of our communities are often neglected in travel writing. Wanderlust Conqueror will strive to provide insight on what may be challenging for them. I may not do well in the beginning and encourage people to constructively help me improve upon this. This is taken seriously and I want to be helpful.

I promise to be truthful during all reviews.

One day, I will begin receiving sponsored posts. Sponsorships help continue funding my travels, occasionally upgrading my photography gear, keeping Wanderlust Conqueror running, etc. Even so, I will keep true to my word regarding any products, services, or accommodations. Reviews will always be my own, whether I paid for them myself or if I receive a discount in exchange for writing my experience.

I promise to only use affiliates that I actually like and trust.

Using affiliate programs goes back to funding my work. Writing, editing, photography & post-process editing, and social media promotion take up so much time out of my week. As I find it obnoxious to provide a “membership” setting for my audience to read my work, affiliates links are a vital source of my income.

I promise to provide support to fellow travel bloggers.

If I find value in your work, there’s a good chance that I’ll share your work on social media. I can’t guarantee a guest post on my site for you, but you can still pitch an idea to me! Or I’ll try to answer your questions on the tech sides of things the best I can.

You can actually see my progression from completely overwhelmed to learning the ropes in my Behind the Scenes monthly progress section. Spoiler Alert: I will always be learning the ropes. If you’re a new writer, try to remember that we all had to start somewhere.

I will run this website with integrity and promote an open community.

I agree with and follow the Blog with Integrity Pledge. It’s important to have transparency, no matter how small or large a business is – especially Wanderlust Conqueror.

I also promise to hold commenters to a standard of civility when they disagree with me, a guest blogger, or another commenter. There is a difference between criticisms and bullying. Commenters providing unnecessary snark and rude sarcasm is not tolerated. I want to have an open, friendly community. I hope you want that, too. Feel free to check out Wanderlust Conqueror’s Comment Policy.

What You Can Do

If you enjoy my style of writing and want to keep up with free content, join the Email List. Don’t worry, I hate spam so I promise I will never sell your email address. Ever.

Also, connect with me! There are several social media outlets that you can utilize to connect with me in the under my photo!

I like questions and constructive feedback! Feel free to send me a private message here!

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