Professional Partnership with Amber Pittman

Let’s Begin a Partnership!

If you’re interested in beginning a professional partnership with me, that’s great! As you may know, my website is focused on Travel, History, and Food from around the world, along with learning how to become better in the “Behind the Scenes” activities of running a website! Hopefully, you knew that already by checking out my work. You’re not required to have the same background, but your product or service does need to be relevant for my readers.

Are you a potential sponsor looking for the right person to help promote your services? I am open to working with your business, with the understanding that I have made a solemn promise to my readers. As such, I cannot skew my opinions of your particular product, service, or business establishment. My reviews and recommendations will always be my own.

Complying with Important Legal Issues While Managing the Partnership

Due to the laws put in place by the FTC in the USA (where I reside), I will always disclose if I’m being paid, received a free or discounted service or product at the beginning of the post. The FTC no longer considers it “enough” to put a footer page on websites about disclosures or hidden within a website’s “Terms and Conditions” page. This disclosure will also be carried over into any social media posts, as required by the FTC as well.

Also, please be aware that due to Google’s policy on any “paid,” “sponsored,” or “advertorial” links and content on websites, I must comply with their “No Follow” HTML coding rules. If you would like to read more on Google’s Explanation of NoFollow Links (specifically under the Paid Links header) as well as Google’s Stance on Paid Links, I encourage you to do so. As such, I will not take the risk of being blacklisted by Google’s search engine algorithms. I appreciate your understanding and respect on this matter.

Before you leave in a huff because I won’t budge on my nofollow linking, I hope you understand there is value still found in them. If you haven’t read it already, Search Engine Optimization guru and powerhouse wrote an article explaining this very thing. “The Hidden Power of Nofollow Links” is a very insightful article from Sincerely, I ask you to read it over.

Now that we have the not-so-fun part of a potential partnership out of the way, let’s get us back to a happier tone! I hope the sincerity of my values shines through in a positive way to your own business. If so, I encourage you to consider the options below.

Amber's partnership services include reviews, travel, brand ambassadorships, guest posts, and more

Partnership Services Offered by Wanderlust Conqueror

In an effort to remain true to the readers of Wanderlust Conqueror, all the while keeping this website online, I am offering my services to promote your work or products.

Depending on the level of written work, edited photography, and promotion put forth by me, I will require payment. Let’s face it, we can’t keep our kids fed with “exposure” or a “chance” at receiving an acknowledgment tweet. I’ve got to keep the lights on and mouths fed. This is my full-time job, and believe me – it is a full-time job!

WC is not limited to these four types of services. I hope you will consider contacting me if you have something different in mind altogether. If you’re still interested in potentially working with me and you’d like to review my media kit, please consider using the “Contact Me” form so that I can provide you with pricing information. You may also email me directly as listed in the media kit.

If I believe your business, products, etc can be of value to my readers, I can promote you in a few different options:

Wanderlust Conqueror Reviews

Got a new book out that would be great for a long journey to our next destination? I enjoy physical books, as well as those I find on Amazon for my Kindle. Topics can include fiction, informational (business related, photography, branding, etc), travel. I love regional cookbooks and histories! I’m not going to limit you!

We just need to find a way to make it work for the readers on here. Please understand that depending on the intensity and quality level of work put forth by me, please expect to pay a fee that we can negotiate before any work has begun.

Are you about to launch a new DSLR camera? I can show people how well it works. Provide photography hobbyists with pointers for using it.

What about apps and other forms of tech to help me run my site better or be more productive? I could talk about it in my “Behind the Scenes” section of the website that covers the ins and outs of running my site and what it takes to keep everything going smoothly.

Do you offer travel products or experiences aimed at families with kids? I have an energetic 5-year-old kid who has started going on adventures with my husband and me. We are expecting Baby #2 to arrive early July 2017. We have a nice age gap to work with when it comes to children’s travel products!

Are you the new restaurant in town? Invite me over to experience the dining, photograph your chefs at work, and maybe share one of your recipes with everyone. We can make it work!

Got something completely different? Let’s talk about it. Depending on what your product is, I can offer:

  1.        Email Newsletter Feature – inform readers of your awesome product!
  2.        A write-up on the website
  3.        Giveaways and Contests
  4.        Social Media Promotion
  5.        Suggest another strategy to me
Sponsored Travel with Wanderlust Conqueror

Are you needing coverage on new attractions, experiences, or lodging? I already have a valid US Passport ready to send me somewhere new! My travels range from budget family travel to thrilling adventures to luxury experiences.

I’m open to new places and have an evolving Destination Wishlist Series. Even if your location isn’t on there, please contact me if you think we would work well together. I’d love to discuss your needs and what I can provide in exchange for travel sponsorship.

I consider myself a professional traveler. During all assigned activities, you can count on me to:

  1. Create multiple posts about my travel experiences, which is dependent upon how many activities are scheduled. I aim to produce 1500 words or more per article.
  2. Be present for all agreed upon events and activities
  3. Be punctual
  4. Be attentive
  5. Take notes during tours
  6. Provide post-process edited photography of your products for any online posts I write
  7. Provide social media coverage for your campaign, including using any designated hashtags for Twitter and Instagram
  8. Be excited about the opportunity – If I accepted the assignment, you’re not going to worry about me complaining the entire time.
  9. Not be a “Queen Diva” – I’m not a special snowflake and I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m laid back and ready to explore!
  10. Not get drunk while on assignment – I’m a big believer in the “just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you need to take advantage of those who are paying for it.”

In exchange for the many hours of extensive work to be put in by Amber Pittman during and after the assigned sponsorship, the following will need to be paid by the Sponsor:

  1.        Any necessary flights, including connecting flights
  2.        All scheduled and required activities and events
  3.        All scheduled and required meals
  4.        All necessary overnight lodging stays
Brand Ambassadorships with Wanderlust Conqueror

If I truly enjoy what you offer, I would be open to a long-term arrangement. Of course, you need to believe my readers and I are a good fit for you, as well. This is a partnership, after all.

This type of work could be negotiated into being exclusive to your particular niche or even your entire industry. I’ll need to know what your goals are so that I can help you succeed. Let’s start something amazing!

Any brand partnership is not limited to the travel industry. I also do a lot of cooking, so if you have specific cookware or gadgets you’d like to get marketed into the world, I’m sure we could work something out.

Wanderlust Conqueror Guest Posts

Are you a fellow writer or content creator and would like my take on things on your website or blog? Let me know! I believe it can be mutually beneficial! Is there anything specific you’d like me to address? I’d be happy to discuss having you guest post on here or vice versa!

I do not charge a fee to guest post on an individual’s website nor do I pay for guest posts from individual bloggers. Guest blogging is strictly being used as a partnership to get more information out there to our readers!

If you are interested in guest blogging on here, that’s great! I’ll be opening guest posts in Autumn 2017. Don’t let that stop you from applying now! I will happily start considering your work for Wanderlust Conqueror. If you get approved, you’ll have more time to fine-tune your work before the publish button is hit.


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