How to Throw a 2 Night Bachelorette Party in Nashville without the Bars: Party Time!

Thanks for coming back for more information on making your fun Nashville Destination Bachelorette Party! In this final section, we’ll continue on with actually enjoying all the activities for our large group. If you arrived on this page first, I hope you check out Part 1 on how to get started planning a more creative bachelorette party to suit your bride and then Part 2 on our first experience with an Airbnb apartment!

You've planned the bachelorette party and booked your lodging! Now enjoy the fruits of your hard work!


Step 5: Enjoy the Bachelorette Party Weekend You Worked So Hard On!

You made it through the planning process in Part 1 and you probably checked out the apartment we found in Part 2. I’m hoping you have started working on your own party for your bride. Now, you can do what we did and bask in the glory of the alternative girls weekend you’ve created for your bride!

Friday Night

After a 6 hour trek by car, we mostly wanted to be low key and unwind. Once we got our bags and kitchen supplies inside our apartment, we realized we were hungry for more than candy and chips. We refreshed ourselves and decided to check out the restaurant across the street, Sliders. We figured if their menu wasn’t appetizing, we had a number of other options available to us within safe walking distance.

However, the rugged industrial-chic restaurant was exactly what we wanted. I chose a Jack FM slider, as well as a Bay of Pigs slider. Seriously, y’all: the Bay of Pigs slider is what makes the clouds part and angels sing. It’s a borderline Cuban sandwich. As I often choose Cubans, after that first bite, I was an overjoyed patron of Sliders and their Bay of Pigs. If you get the Jack FM slider, as it turns out, a portion of the income from it goes to Toys for Tots. I call that a win-win for everyone involved!

Wanderlust Conqueror helping the Bachelorette Party eating at Sliders in Nashville, Tennessee to start off the weekend getaway
Taking a quick group photo op before inhaling our supper at Sliders.

Bellies full with sliders and fries, we returned across the street to shower our bride with honeymoon attire. While sipping on the beer, Southern Comfort, and vodka, we had decorated the living room in paper corsets, bras, and panties. We also attached kitchen twine from one side of the living room to the other to display all her new gifts (and to text a snapshot to the groom about what’s in store for him later)!

Before she got to have her presents, we adorned her in a double-donged headband that was used at my own bachelorette party. After good laughs and fun chats, our drinks got the better of us and one of the attendees made a savory dip that we nearly devoured. Finally, one by one, we started slowly making our way to our beds for the night.


Before Noon on Saturday, all 7 of us ladies dolled up in our cute custom made bachelorette party tees the MOH had found for us on one of the awesome Etsy shops and made our way towards Broadway.

During the day, we chose to do the Music City Hop On Hop Off Trolley Tour offered by Gray Line. We enjoyed our upbeat trolley operator giving us background information on random places we passed as we made the designated stops, including going past our weekend apartment. Up until that moment, we didn’t even realize we were located in the heart of music studios. I bet if it hadn’t been a holiday weekend, we might have caught a glimpse of a country singer or two.

We ended up going to the Marathon Motors Village and the Nashville Farmer’s MarketMarathon Motors was a delightful surprise, as it has antique production line machinery scattered throughout but also has an abundance of hip, indie artisan shops. I really had wished I planned on having more money while I was there.

They had artsy but rugged interior decorating stores, artist studios, an actual tattoo parlor (wasn’t prepared for that!), and extremely adorable children’s shop that had me actually considering paying $60 for one outfit for my son. They had more stores than that. Like I said, I had really wished I had brought more money with me!

It was wonderful getting to explore this large shopping village in the former car production house.

Before loading ourselves back onto the trolley, we found a cute little store carrying delectable gourmet marshmallows. Seriously, stop by Bang Candy. I really enjoyed the Rose Cardamon marshmallow as well as the Maple Bacon Bourbon one. They do offer more than marshmallows but those are a weakness for me that’s carried over since childhood.

The Wanderlust Conqueror meets the Nashville Farmer's Market
We found our way to the huge Farmer’s Market via our Hop On Hop Off Trolley Tour. Aren’t the tomato slices in the front just adorable?

Soon after the Marathon Motors Village stop, we found ourselves at the Nashville Farmer’s Market. It was quite expansive (expansive, not expensive) with many indoor restaurants to choose from, a nursery, a few outdoor booths (one of which was a cheese/dairy farm with so many delicious options that it was hard not to spend $30 on cheese to bring home). Another spot had powdered donut holes, cooked in front of you – and yes, I did buy those.

The Wanderlust Conqueror can't resist the Grilled Cheeserie of Nashville at the Farmer's Market
Taking a chance on waiting in the long line for a grilled cheese sandwich – WORTH IT!

Our collective tummies rumbling weren’t being satiated by fresh donuts and cheese samples. Fortunately, we came across a food truck that apparently many Nashville locals know well – The Grilled CheeserieThey are not skimpy on the cheese and the Buffalo South is worth every penny! I also liked the vintage style Coca-cola glass bottles you can purchase to go with your meal. If you come across this food truck and have a few minutes to spare, I think they’re worth checking out for yourself.

Saturday Evening

For our last night in the city, we had a much more entertaining option that worked well for our group. I emailed and explained our group situation to Miss Jeanne of Miss Jeanne’s Mystery Dinner Theater.

The Wanderlust Conqueror waiting for Miss Jeanne's
I think I was too excited about the festive headwear!

I was so relieved they were doing a production on our weekend! For less than $50 per person, we got the hilariously interactive “Aisle of Mishap Toys” show with a meal that included chicken, two vegetables, and I think rolls and a dessert.

Prior to arrival to the mystery dinner, we had a couple hours to spare and “somehow” found ourselves at the Opry Mills mall. This was actually a spontaneous thing for us since we still wanted our bride to feel able to suggest activities while exploring Nashville. Allowing for free time is key in any group getaway.

Before the “Aisle of Mishap Toys” show started, all the audience members were encouraged to pick out festive headwear for the show to keep the gaiety going. We were given a front row table and our bride even got singled out to go on stage for part of it!

All I’m saying is, she should consider herself lucky that we didn’t insist on her wearing the super classy double dong headband that night. I know the actors would have had a field day with her also being a “Mishap Toy.” I mean, one of them had fun “stealing” items off of our tables, like the wine bottles we bought just down the way within the shopping strip to have with our meals. I KNOW they would have teased her repeatedly for her bachelorette headband!

Wanderlust Conqueror wants to be one of Miss Jeanne's Mishap Toys in Nashville
Everyone wanted to be the doll! Later, we took another photo like this at the wedding!

At the time, Miss Jeanne even offered a free ticket for the bride since we had so many people. That may no longer be an incentive but we were stoked about the discount. If you’re going to have a largish group, why not see if that’s still an option? Since Miss Jeanne is also an actress in the shows, she does have limited time within the office. It may prove to be of more benefit to you to actually call her with your questions during office hours instead of emailing.

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Sunday Morning

Rarely do I ever want a trip to end and this one was no exception. However, most of us were really looking forward to our last activity. I know I was!

I had been interested in seeing a drag show for several years and luckily the bride had checked that as a preference in the questionnaire I emailed her (see Part 1). I was delighted to find out there was a drag show option in Nashville. Yes, it is a big city but Tennessee is still very much a conservative state. Needless to say, I wasn’t sure just how progressive Nashville was going to be in these terms.

Perhaps you may have noticed a slight theme when it comes to making our meals count. Like Saturday night’s dinner theater show, we were able to enjoy a mimosa-fueled brunch and a fabulous drag show. The more entertainment we can get into our short weekend, the better!

We tried to get to Suzy Wong’s House of Yum early to beat out the big Sunday brunch rush for the Drag’n Brunch. It didn’t work. There were plenty of people there but we didn’t have to wait too long for our circular booth nor for our Asian Fusion meals.

Our entertainer performed her best Reba McEntire lineup. I’ve never been so jealous of someone else’s outfits! They were on point! She is rapid in her ability to change clothes! Seriously, I think I spend more time taking off my Toms.

The Wanderlust Conqueror gets entertained at brunch at Suzy Wong's in Nashville!
I think our Reba looks better in red than I do! She rocked Suzy Wong’s House of Yum!

What makes this activity even more special is the fact that our bride’s favorite country singer is Reba! This was not planned and we weren’t sure what to expect for a brunch time drag show but they nailed it for our group! Our Reba received many $1 tips from our table!

Although our meals were a bit blander than anticipated, I would still return for the entertainment and those 2-for-$7 mimosas. I was happily surprised to taste the proper amount of bubbly in my glass. If I do brunch again there, I may opt for just the mimosas and have a nibble elsewhere before the show.

Of course, I also have to take into consideration we were there Thanksgiving weekend when most people weren’t in Nashville to be tourists; meaning there’s the potential issue of the establishment’s better cooks getting the holiday weekend off to be with their own families.

I’d also like to let you know that they now offer a Drag’n Dinner option as well if you’re interested in that. Typically, the night crew of any restaurant is better than day shift in regards to cooking skills and talent, so you’ll probably enjoy your meal more than I did. If you’re still not sure about a dinner there, there are a few more evening drag show locations nearby Suzy Wong’s, but I don’t think they have dining options.

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After we had spent ample time at the Drag’n Brunch and being fresh out of tipping money for Reba, we said our goodbyes to the others and began our long drive home. Nashville, I’ll be back and I will visit Broadway. You can count on it!

Finding More Bachelorette Party Creativity

If this has given you some inspiration for your own personalized bachelorette party direction but you are interested in more ideas, why not hit up Offbeat Bride for bachelorette party ideas? As a long time reader before my own wedding, I can vouch that you will get some crazy good ideas for making it perfect for your bride and all those in attendance!

Recently, I came across another travel blogger who does a lot of eating in Nashville so you can check out Kristin Luna’s Camels & Chocolate.  Her posts on Nashville may be able to help you out further with your meal planning as well.




Under no circumstances was I or any of my bachelorette party cohorts paid for visiting businesses or using services for this article.

23 thoughts on “How to Throw a 2 Night Bachelorette Party in Nashville without the Bars: Party Time!

  1. The Bay of Pigs slider sounds absolutely amazing! Also – 2 for $7 mimosas? Count me in – sounds like you ladies had a fabulous time!

  2. This is wonderful! I love the idea of all this fun and partying – without the bar-hopping. I just get burned out on bars quickly, and I’d need other options. Probably not for a bachelorette party at this stage of life (haha, I’m a mom of teens) but for a girls weekend – this would totally work!

    1. Oh I’m glad you liked it! Bar hopping hasn’t really been my thing or the bride’s either. It was definitely a good time with all the girls doing things besides not being able to remember the weekend in Nashville! 😆

  3. It is nice to see someone have a Bachelorette party in Nashville that doesn’t involve pedal bars, tractors, or getting smashed on Broadway. Marathon Village and the Farmers Market are both really cool places to check out, and the Grilled Cheeserie is awesome! Congrats to the new bride!

    1. Thank you! Yes, there’s definitely more to a city than getting drunk the entire length of your stay! I’m absolutely sure that I want to go back and explore more of Nashville and maybe some surrounding areas soon. I’ll send the bride your congratulations! 😀

  4. Looks like super fun. You mentioned the trolley tour, I wanted to do that here but held back because of my time limitations. Will do that some other time.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect with the trolley tour but it was a good time and it had many places to stop and visit. I plan to do it again and try some spots I was interested in but the rest of our group wasn’t. 😊

    1. It really is! Nashville has lot of great opportunities to find your own kind of fun with your group!

      If you make it there, definitely be on the lookout for that food truck! It was so hard to choose just one sandwich!

  5. Okay, so I literally can’t even with those tomato slices and corn stalks in front of the Farmer’s Market building! So awesome! It sounds like there are so many options and ways to tailor pretty much any kind of party in Nashville! I had no idea!

    1. Oh my gosh, yes! I was worried that the tomato slices and corn stalks were going to be too hard to see. They were adorable!

      The hardest part of doing a bar-free bachelorette was coming up with group options that went past restaurants, you know? But once I got a handle on the many options available in Nashville, it went smoothly! 😄

  6. seems so much fun. Alas, I don’t live in this part of the world, otherwise I would have definitely enjoyed a bachelorette without the bars. Still there are so many options available to enjoy yourself.

  7. This looks like SO much fun! I’m not into the bar scene (and wasn’t even when I was younger), so a bachelorette party like this one would have been something I would’ve loved! Y’all look like you had a blast–I really need to get to Nashville myself soon!

    1. It was a great time! I’m not much for boozing it up myself, so I was relieved that the bride wanted to have an alternative bachelorette! Haha!

      I really hope to get back up there soon and explore it more as an individual. I feel like there was just too much we didn’t get to see!

  8. What a fun time! There’s always so many options outside just hanging out at another bar and I’m so glad to see all you enjoyed. I really need to go visit that Marathon Motors!

    1. It was a great time with the girls! Suzy Wong’s was a delightful experience for sure! And I still think about that Bay of Pigs sandwich from Sliders! Haha! So delicious!

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