Why a Great Nashville Airbnb is the Key to Bachelorette Party Success

In today’s post, we’ll continue on with choosing our rooming options for a large group. We used a Nashville Airbnb for our bachelorette party! So glad you’re back for more information on creating your own fun, alternative Nashville Destination girls weekend!

If you arrived on this page first, I hope you check out Part 1 on planning your itinerary and then finally enjoying your big party next in Part 3.

Why a Great Nashville Airbnb is Key to Bachelorette Party Success

Step 4: Find Accommodations through Nashville Airbnb

Nashville has a vast amount of hotels to call your headquarters. So you should be able to find something to suit your bachelorette party group. Our bride made a preference for a hotel and we intended to honor that… Except hotels can get a little greedy during the holidays. I worked my butt off to find affordable rooms in safe areas but it was nearly impossible. Seriously, 3-star hotels were charging $250-$350 a night per room. Discovering these inflated prices had me floored. Come on, now. That is just not going to work.

So what did I do? Took a nontraditional approach, that’s what. I had never used Airbnb before but so many people I’ve talked to in the past vouched for it. What’s the harm in just looking? I did a quick search for Nashville Airbnb. I found quite a few nice apartments and houses that could accommodate 7 people. But were they safe? How about clean? Are we going to see the owners all weekend or just when they let us in?

Turns out you can rent out an entire house or apartment without the owner under the same roof. We didn’t plan on doing too many shenanigans. However, it would be weird trying to have a bachelorette party with them around. Could you imagine the owners casually strolling into the kitchen for a glass of water or late night snack? It would happen while the bride is pulling out gifts whose sole purpose is to make her blush. Side Note: This explains why you won’t see any personal photos from the apartment in this review post.

Making a Final Decision

I finally picked about 3 listings and emailed them to the swamped Maid of Honor. She seemed on board with Airbnb after reviewing them and I gave her my top pick. She evidently liked it as well and we decided on this little gem of a place after we both read the reviews.

Directly across the street from the (in)famous Winners and Losers Bars, you can find this particular Nashville Airbnb. If you’re wondering why the bars sound familiar, maybe it’s because of Toby Keith. Even though we were there during a drizzly Thanksgiving weekend, we had the windows open well into the evening. This simple act provided the energetic music from the bars to lightly waft into the backgrounds of our late night conversations with our bride.

At the end of the day, it was more or less $50 cheaper per person for the weekend. It also came with the added benefit of not having to hunt everyone down before going out. Grateful for the savings, everyone ended up spending said thrifts at the Vera Bradley outlet store at the Opry Mills Mall. As it turns out, Vera Bradley fans compose the bride’s entourage entirely.

An additional benefit of renting a Nashville Airbnb apartment for a weekend: having access to a kitchen. We were able to save a few more dollars by cooking breakfast in the apartment. While the antique oven baked my breakfast casserole, we dressed for our daytime adventures.

Photo of extra large art sculptures of 2 guitars (the first one is of The Carter Family and the second one is Johnny Cash)
The Carter Family and the Johnny Cash artist guitars outside one of the many recording studios near our Airbnb weekend apartment.

First Impression of our Nashville Airbnb Apartment

We managed to find a parking space directly in front of the white house. Luckily, for the other 2 cars coming from the far end of West Tennessee, there was additional parking behind the house. Overall, the building itself is timeworn, although not dilapidated.

After each of us got our bags & supplies out of our vehicle, we walked up the short stairway through heavy doors, where we found our little weekend home on the left. Our little 1st-floor apartment was quaint but provided a comfortable respite from the 6-hour drive on Friday afternoon. Overall, our decision continues to feel like it was a good choice.

When you first walk in the door, the first room you see is the only bathroom in the apartment. That’s where we spotted the fluffy hand and bath towels for our stay. Thankfully, the abundance of towels provided enough for us all. However, most of us kept up with our towels for next day use.

It’s important to note that during a time when little thought was given to wheelchair-bound people, this building was erected. If your celebration will have mobility-limited guests, this particular home-away-from-home simply won’t work for your needs.

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The Kitchen

If you’re planning to do some light cooking while there, it was not a completely stocked kitchen with a wide array of pots and pans or cooking utensils. However, it does have an antique combination stove and oven (super cool once you figure it out!), a small refrigerator “hidden” in a tiny nook, and a microwave.

Our host was pretty friendly and could probably provide specific pots and pans if you give her plenty of time to make sure they’re available for your needs. While I can’t guarantee that, I definitely encourage you to ask her. If you’re flying in, you might want to pop into a grocery or convenience store and get some paper plates and forks (and perhaps those tin pans if you want to use the oven).

I think she provided some plates/cups but for our large group. However, I’m glad we packed our disposables and my huge kitchen spatula since I made breakfast for all of us. I mean, who wants to wash dishes during party weekend? If you plan to eat out at every meal, this is a non-issue for you.

An important aside on the bathroom

The shower itself is quite untraditional. For some reason, you will find the shower head located in the middle of the sidewall of the bathtub. It is an old building, so my guess is that it could have originally only had a bath option. Instead of updating the plumbing lines to include the shower portion of the pipes to be located on either the right or the left, they kept it in the middle. It does make for odd shower time and is something I doubt I’ll ever forget.

When we were there, the shower consisted of one of those long hose handheld showerheads to let you get those hard to reach spots. Never really had a problem with those, but the piece that keeps it up against the wall was broken so running water would shoot up at me (and the others, as it turns out) when we weren’t using the head to wash off the shampoo and soap from ourselves. I think I was most surprised by its uncanny ability to maneuver itself to execute rapid-fire blasts of water into my face no matter how I tried to angle it away from me.

Just to be perfectly clear, I’ve never experienced such powerful water pressure before in my life. Take it from me, just wash your face at the sink if you want it to remain with you. On the whole, this didn’t take away from our weekend or our view of our little weekend rental. We all did have a good laugh about the ridiculousness of it all, which is totally part of the travel experience. I thoroughly recommend you embrace the unexpected, wherever it comes from!

BUT!!! Don’t Despair Over the Bathroom of this Particular Nashville Airbnb Apartment!

If you were interested in this apartment for your own get-together and the bathroom is just really turning you off, I totally get it. But before you give up, you should know that she confirmed for me that she updated the shower head. Therefore, you will probably have a lot less chaotic experience. Obviously, the bathroom wasn’t the worst thing ever for our bachelorette group, as I’m still recommending the place!

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34 thoughts on “Why a Great Nashville Airbnb is the Key to Bachelorette Party Success

  1. I heard about Nashville from lots of people saying it’s the one best destination to live yourself. Certainly, it looks so.
    I should grab an opportunity to visit the place at least once 🙂

    1. Oh, absolutely! I really didn’t feel like I even scratched the surface of Nashville, even with the interesting things we did while there. I have plans to go back, except I want to take my husband along. If you’re interested, I wrote about what we did in Nashville. If you make it to Nashville, I’d love to hear about your own experiences!

  2. I’ve never been to Nashville either but i hope to one day. I’ve also never tried an Air BNB i would love to try one day also.

    1. Nashville really is amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s more than just country music! 😉

      Yeah, I scoured soooo many reviews regarding our Nashville Airbnb options. I think that’s the main thing when finding the best Airbnb for your travel needs. 🙂

  3. It sounds like you’ve got yourself a really nice apartment. I have only used airbnb once and I have to say it’s great for when you are traveling with friends but not when you travel alone as the costs can get quite high.

    1. Absolutely! When you have 7+ people, it’s so much less expensive using Airbnb than traditional hotels. Also, you don’t have to hunt everyone down before leaving to explore the city.

      On the flip side, hotels are generally a better option if it’s just you and 1-2 other adults. Totally agree with you on that point!

    1. Yeah, before needing more lodging options for our travel plans, I never really bothered with Airbnb. Casual curiosity, sure, but nothing concrete. If we hadn’t had to compete with Thanksgiving Weekend inflated prices, I might have still been in the Casual Curiosity section. LOL

  4. I’m a fan of Airbnb. It has saved us money on past vacays. The convenience of having a kitchen and more space, at a lesser price than the average hotel room just makes more sense!

  5. I heard about Nashville from other people, they say that these one is the best destination to live for. It sounds like you’ve got yourself a really nice apartment.

    1. Absolutely! The apartment was great and close to so much! I’m hoping to go back to Nashville one day soon and experience more of it since I had such a great encounter with the city itself. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! Our particular Airbnb apartment is located right in the middle of all those music production studios. I’m positive that if we hadn’t been there during a major national holiday weekend that we probably would have seen a singer or two in the neighborhood! You might have some better opportunities! 🙂 The Hop On – Hop Off sightseeing tour we did took us right by the building we were staying in since they were pointing out the production studios! If you’re interested, you can find the trolley tour company we used here: http://www.wanderlustconqueror.com/nashville-bachelorette-party-without-the-bars/

  6. This is a great idea! To get AirBnb for a bachelorette party so that you can do more stuff outside the constraint of a hotel without having to pay much! Marking this down~

    1. Oh, it really was! Initially, I was worried that our itinerary wasn’t going to be a hit, but it ended up being one of the best group experiences ever! 😀 And I totally recommend Nashville – it’s not all country music there. I’m planning to go back soon since I barely scratched the surface of what they have to offer visitors of the city!

  7. Airbnb has gained its popularity over the years. I like airbnb because it’s much cheaper compared to hotel prices with bigger living space. Nashville sounds like a pleasant place to visit.

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