Destination Wishlist: Africa

The 27 Must-Explore Countries - Part 1: Africa - Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa


Allow yourself to daydream about Africa. Where would you go? What parts do you want to see? If money weren’t a concern… If responsibilities to and for your family were no longer an issue… What excursions and tours would you participate in?

Would you take your kid? Keep it as adults-only this time? Would you participate in the trending solo travel lifestyle for your vacation?

Take your time and think about exploring the world. Allow yourself to dream. That’s exactly what I’m doing today. Let’s both take part in this little mental exercise.

As I read about interesting pieces of history or simply stumble upon an interesting photograph, this bucket list will evolve and grow as I learn more about the world.

Originally, this was going to be one massive post. As in, over 4,000 words without even getting halfway through my list. I decided to break this post down into a 5-part series. Once I complete this series, the image below will help you realize which part you’d need to go to see what interests you. Personally, I hope you read them all!

Light green outline on the International Destination Wish List for all 27 countries


Since this is part one of the series, let’s go ahead and get started with locations within Africa! I’ll do my best to update this post with the newer parts!


Africa is an overwhelming continent. I mean, size alone is enough to make you wonder where to even begin planning your trip.

If you include Canada, the USA, Mexico, the countries of Central America and the Caribbean Island countries within the North American continent, that’s 9.54 million square miles. Know how large Africa is? It’s 11.74 million square miles! That’s so much territory!

News anchors would have you believe that you’re not going to be safe anywhere within Africa. That’s how they make money – fear sells. The major networks have stopped reporting unbiased news and now offer up opinions instead.

I sort of have this idea that national and international news channels want to keep us trapped, away from other cultures, away from gaining different perspectives. “Trust only them. They think so you don’t have to,” kind of mentality. I don’t recommend it.

I say, don’t let fears stop you. Conquer your wanderlust. Own it. Don’t let others’ opinions dictate your choices.

I think Africa needs more positive publicity. It would be a disservice to our ancestors if we didn’t step foot somewhere on this continent. I mean, Africa is where human life evolved. For me, that’s intriguing. Shall we begin the counting on my wishlist?

Multi Shades of Green Rectangle saying Egypt


If I was only allowed to step foot in only one country of Africa, I will always choose Egypt. Since I do enjoy a good history lesson, I’d choose the Nile Valley, specifically.

Luxor alone is a wealth of ancient civilization sites. In Luxor, you can go to the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Queens (say what?!?), and the Colossi of Memnon.

In Cairo, I’d obviously want to see the Giza Pyramids and the Spinx. There’s also the City of the Dead. To round out my love of Egyptian education, I’d also the Egyptian Museum.

Let’s go to Aswan and check out the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Nubian Museum or make an excursion to Abu Simbel. Perhaps we can hop on a felucca and sail the Nile River.

Multi Shades of Green Rectangle saying Morocco



When I say Morocco, what comes to mind? Camels? What about exotic spices? How about Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart?

I want to explore Marrakech. I want to understand the importance of the Bab Agnaou gates. Take a trek by camel in the Sahara Desert. Bring home beautiful arabesque lanterns from the souk (others call it a bazaar).

Perhaps try my luck at becoming a movie extra in Ouarzazate. If we’re going with a movie theme, I’m going up north to Casablanca. Maybe I’ll make convince my husband to pretend he’s Rick Blaine and I’ll be Ilsa Lund and find ourselves a small plane for photo opportunities. Ha! One can hope!

Maybe journey up the Atlas Mountains – obviously, by motorized vehicle because I am not into hiking. Or exercise. Or inclines. But I do love a great view.

"I say, don't let fears stop you. Conquer your wanderlust. Own it. Don't let others opinions dictate your choices."  Amber Pittman



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Multi Shades of Green Rectangle saying Tunisia



As a person who really enjoys reading about Alexander the Great, I definitely need to check out the ruins of Carthage. While there, I could soak up some more historical culture at the Bardo National Museum. The ancient walled citadel of Byrsa is an archaeological site that I’d be thrilled to explore and maybe even cosplay a female Indiana Jones.

While there, I could soak up some more historical culture at the Bardo National Museum. The ancient walled citadel of Byrsa is an archaeological site that I’d be thrilled to explore and maybe even cosplay a female Indiana Jones. I mean, part of Raiders of the Lost Ark was filmed in Tunisia, after all.

Multi Shades of Green Rectangle saying South Africa


South Africa has a few surprises up its sleeves. For example, we could go hang out at the penguin colony on Boulders Beach! I know, right?

I say Africa and I bet you envision giraffes, lions, zebras, The Lion King, and maybe diamonds. However, there’s so much more, like the penguins I just told you about!

Heck, 31 miles northwest of Johannesburg, we could visit the UNESCO archaeological site, Cradle of Humankind. Doesn’t that just sound epic?!? The name alone has the best marketing appeal. Oh, that is going to be on the list of things to do here, for sure.

We can explore the caves at Sterkfontein – subterranean caves that are filled with fossils! Fossils, people!

Don’t worry, everybody. Of course, I want to go to a Nature Reserve and have a safari adventure. There’s also the Mandela House. Man, South Africa has a lot going on!

Next Up: Destination Wishlist – Asia!

Did Part 1 of the Destination Wishlist Series make you dream up possibilities of your own African adventures? Where would you go in Africa? Have you been to an Africa country that didn’t initially make my list but you just loved? I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s keep daydreaming about interesting locations and activities! Next week, I’ll be updating the series with Part 2 on Asia! I hope you’re looking forward to it! I know I am!

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