Behind the Scenes: April 2017

So, I haven’t been updating my blog in several months. Honestly, it’s probably been about 6 months now. If anyone ever actually reads my BTS stuff once I make everything public, there might be someone out there that asks “what happened?” I could wave my right hand in the air, vaguely motioning to anything that might catch your attention and use a blanket statement and say, “life.” That would be your cue to nod knowingly and not push the subject further.

Of course, that’s not enough. I spent 6 months away. I halted all forward progress into potentially making this blog something that could turn into an actual career choice for me. While I don’t currently owe anyone any explanations but myself, I want to address them anyway.

Life. Life is what happened. Haha – but no, really. My husband and I spent the better part of 2016 (10 months, actually) trying to create BabyPittman #2. In October, as our spirits began to wane a bit, we found out we finally conceived our soon-to-be bundle of joy. So while we whispered sweet ideas of what our near future was going to be like to one another in between episodes of Doctor Who and Supernatural, I quietly chose to focus on that future rather than the one that could lead to a career for me later.

That’s not to say that my husband didn’t notice because he definitely did. He did ask me about the significant drop off from this blog work I was previously so obsessed about. He knows this and now you will, too: I stepped away because I don’t know how to be a travel writer with a new infant and a preschooler in tow. I stepped away to regroup and reprioritize my goals. My children are not my hindrance, I am.

Did I do any more research on the technical side of this blog during my writing hiatus? Um, no. I sure did not. My thought process at the time was why bother if you’re probably not going to continue? That’s a lot of work and effort into something I may not even use in any capacity later.

But, here I am, too many months later, writing an update because I clearly do want to keep this going. I want to make this something I can be proud of, especially when my kids get to that unfortunate age where they’ll be too busy for me and I’ll have more time on my hands than I’ll be accustomed to having.

You might even ask if I kept up with my Duolingo Spanish, especially since I had a goal to be fluent by March of this year. Well, March has come and gone and I’m still around the level I was at the last time I discussed it. It’s safe to assume I have not gone onto a third language either. There’s 100% no excuse or justification tool for this. I got lazy. Plain and simple. Six months later, I am still no closer to making friends and work associates that have a different language from myself.

Pro Tip: Want to learn a language? Don’t get lazy. What’s 10 minutes a day on an app? I’ve spent far too long on Pinterest and Tumblr in the past week that I can’t even justify why I haven’t opened my Duolingo app at all in the past month.

Don’t be lazy me. It’s literally the one thing I could have done during these past few months that would have benefitted me (and possibly my family) outside of this travel business. And I chose not to keep it going. Say it with me, everyone! “Don’t get lazy!!!

Great job, y’all! Now go open your app, be it Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. Small daily improvements can become a mountain of accomplishments if you’re willing to stick it out.

So, What NOW??? 

Another fantastic question! You know how I told you I took the hiatus to regroup? And then a few paragraphs later, I explained that sometimes I’m just plain lazy when it comes to improving myself? Yeah? Well, I am actually going to form a real plan. As in, write that mess down like a daily checklist, if I have to, just to make sure I don’t crash my plans before I even get readers.

Right now, my only saving grace is that I didn’t publish all my work immediately in the beginning. Otherwise, I would have already established myself as sporadic at best and not ready to join the higher ranks of the travel and culinary blogging industry that’s worthy of a dedicated readership.

I mean, sure, I’ve already admitted it. I’m nothing if not acutely self-aware. However, once I truly have a focused course of action and have an adequate supply of posts to get readers started (and hopefully hooked onto my work), I’m hoping by then you and other readers will see me in a better light at that point. Here’s to that!

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