Application for Guest Blogging

Interested in Guest Blogging on Wanderlust Conqueror?

Interested in guest blogging on here? That’s great! I will happily start considering your work for Wanderlust Conqueror.

My website focuses on Travel, History, and Food from around the world. Hopefully, you knew that already by checking out my work. Make sure your story angle is relevant for my readers, even if you don’t have the same background.

Since I personally don’t appreciate cryptic “Work with Me” pages, I’m putting everything up front for the entire world to see. Furthermore, saving time and always allowing for transparency, I’m keeping this public. I’m mostly trying to do a preliminary weeding out of applicants.

As a result, I run my site as a business, so please understand the formal tone of this particular post. This is a potential business collaboration between us, so that’s how I’m addressing this topic. Otherwise, I am normally fairly pleasant and generally supportive to those with whom I choose to interact.

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Guest Blogging Pre-Approval Requirements

I hope you’re ready to get professional with me! It can be initially overwhelming at first. You’ll learn it’s standard in the blogging world. Upon meeting the requirements below, you and I begin our collaboration journey together!

Fill out the form below or email the following:

  1.      Your blog URL – I want to check out your work! Preference provided to self-hosted URLs.  If you have quality work, I can work with you.
  2.      Your Topic Idea – not your entire body of work just yet
  3.      Relevancy – Explain how it is relevant to my readers’ needs. This doesn’t have to be long, just a simple explanation.
  4.      Disclosure if you’re pitching your idea to more than one website
  5.      Estimated completion date – I’ll need to schedule it into my content calendar.

Adhere to the Comment Policy.

Rights of Ownership:

  1.      Wanderlust Conqueror legally retains the rights to the written work. Guaranteed author credit.
  2.      Additionally, Wanderlust Conqueror legally retains the rights to the submitted photographs. Obviously, I guarantee photographer credit.
    •      This will allow me to use your images for marketing and promotional purposes indefinitely while reducing the chances of creating a duplicate or recycling your work on the topic elsewhere.
    •      This will keep content on Wanderlust Conqueror unique. This is extremely important for me in a business sense. I would expect you to feel the same way about work on your own blog.
  3.      Understand you cannot repurpose or recycle the pitched topic for use on another website.
    •     The guest author can link to his/her guest post from his/her own site. It’s encouraged.
    •     Guest Bloggers also encouraged to promote their own work on all social media platforms, on Pinterest, and within the guest writer’s website newsletter.
    •     I encourage you to highlight your work on Wanderlust Conqueror in your media kit

If approved for guest blogging, you will be allowed a temporary “Contributor Account.”

A “Contributor” has no publishing or media uploading capability. However, this will allow you to write and edit your individual article until I determine when to publish it. You will need to email your media to me.

If you’re initially approved to become a temporary contributor, I reserve the right to constructively suggest another edit by you before publishing your work on Wanderlust Conqueror. Once final approval has been made, depending upon your topic, you can expect your work to go live within 2 weeks unless otherwise noted.

In the unlikely event of a denial of publishing your work, I will relinquish the full rights of the written content and submitted images back to you. I will not use your work in any capacity. You will be protected. You will then be allowed to pitch to another website or other media outlet.

I reserve the right to deny publishing your article on my website if:

  1.      Your use low-quality backlinks (i.e. – spammy)
  2.      Your links are sending readers to low-quality, generic information (short articles)
  3.      Excessive profanity (I would prefer no profanity at all)
  4.      Poorly edited – seriously, if you haven’t already, try out Grammarly. It’s a link to a free trial of the premium services for new members only. (Disclosure: if you try it, I get a free week, too).
  5.      This shouldn’t have to be said, but for my peace of mind: I will deny publishing your work if your post is derogatory towards people based on, but not limited to: genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religions or lack thereof, physical or mental disabilities. Is your work is potentially harmful to any group of people? Denied.

This is an unpaid opportunity to gain more exposure and credibility for yourself.

Don’t roll your eyes at this. Seriously, you won’t be alone in promoting your hard work. I’ll be doing it too. It’s a good deal to have 2 people promoting on social media and Pinterest in possibly 2 different sets of audiences. With your work on my website, it will always be in a continuous loop of sharing on social media. When people like your work, they’ll also check out your website. It’s a win-win situation.

Social Media Followers and Blog Readership Count

I don’t care about how many followers or readers you currently have, as long as what you provide on here is quality work that we both can be proud of having on Wanderlust Conqueror. Everyone has to get their start somewhere, so why not try with me?

Guest Blogging Requirements on Wanderlust Conqueror

Your Bio & Headshot

  1.      No more than 2 links inside your Bio (Example: your website and your preferred social media account)
  2.      Clear Headshot of only you. Professional is preferred, but not required.

1500 Words Minimum in the body of the article.

  1.      Again, try not to have excessive profanity. I prefer minimal to no profanity at all in the posts. Some people have hang-ups about profanity. Therefore, let’s not alienate readers.


  1.      Photos and other media must be your original work. I will do a Google Image Check before I post them on my website. You don’t need a photography background to provide decent images. I promise.
  2.      Must have a minimum of 1 verticle image to promote on Pinterest.
  3.      Please provide captions for each photograph submitted.

Commenting on your article

  1.      Professionally reply to any responses to your article, especially for the first month. It is expected.
  2.      I promote an engaged community. Be active towards replies and questions. Anytime someone comments on a post you write, you need to respond to the comment. It doesn’t matter if you write just a simple reply as long as you acknowledge that someone has commented and respond to it.
  3.      Don’t forget to adhere to the Comments Policy listed above.


  1.      For detailed, quality work, it is important to cite sources wherever relevant.
  2.      Lead cited source links to quality content (Read: Not Spammy). Must be a different author.
  3.      Most 1500+ word posts have 4+ links to back up an article’s points. Moreover, it allows readers to become more informed

Provide Subtopic Headings within the Post

For you new bloggers, this is where I use my H2’s, H3’s, etc. They’re very important for keyword SEO purposes.


  1.      You are responsible for editing your work before submission
  2.      Make sure it flows in a natural way
  3.      We can brainstorm article headlines together if you want.

Start the Pre-Approval Process for Guest Blogging

If you’ve read everything on here and are still up for Guest Posting, contact me using the form below!

Thank you for the interest and applying! I will let you know within 10 Working Days (Monday through Friday).

If you still have questions that I didn’t answer above, feel free to email me or comment below!