About Amber

I’m just an open-minded, travel loving, and adventurous foodie learning how to balance conquering my wanderlust for the entire world with family life in Atlanta, Georgia and the occasional binge-watching session of Doctor Who or Supernatural.

As a person who has been internationally traveling since 2000, I created Wanderlust Conqueror to entice and excite people to travel, be it one state over or halfway across the world. I’d say across the galaxy and maybe into a different century, but it’s hard to pinpoint where the Doctor will be picking up his companions next!

While attempting to figure out that rendezvous point, I seek to educate readers to the best of my abilities on any histories surrounding my travels and inspire people to try new things, even when they cannot travel. I seek to offer new experiences through recipes from places they may have never traveled to but are making plans to do so in the future.

Although the main purpose of this website is providing historical backgrounds to travel destinations or delicious recipes, I also have a “Behind The Scenes” category that lets my readers in on the more technical side of the business. Basically, watch me grow more technologically savvy!

I also intend to provide alternate ideas for travelers with disabilities and mobility issues. Growing up with a wheelchair-bound-since-childhood uncle, I knew how much my very independent uncle enjoyed the occasional trip and made it a point to return to places he could navigate on his own easily. If you’d like to read more on his story, I hope you do so. To you, my mobility limited readers, I hope to prove my blog useful to your needs.

I also want to hear from all my readers, on what you’d like to read more about and answer your questions! Please fill out the Contact form and submit your comments, questions, or suggestions so I can be of better service to you! Or look to your left and connect with me through your favorite social network!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or received anything for making a shout out to my late uncle’s story. Just wanted to allow more people to get to know more about why I am interested in keeping the disabled community a priority instead of background blurbs.